When does my order ship?

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Thank you for asking! We ship Mondays to Wednesdays every week via Fedex Express or USPS Priority Mail shipments. Any orders received after Tuesday leaves the following week

Will my chocolate melt in transit?

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While we do our best to ensure that all items are received in perfect condition by adding ice packs during warmer months (85F or more), it is not something we can guarantee due to many circumstances beyond our control. Please note that if the product is shipped in warm weather and you are not there to receive the package and it sits on your doorstep in the direct heat, then we are not responsible for replacing it. Once we send you the tracking information, it is your responsibility to be sure someone is there to receive the package. We are not responsible for any delays from the shipper after they have received the products to be delivered. 

If you would like to hold off on shipping your items during warmer months we would be happy to accommodate a later shipping date.

My order is missing an item/I received the wrong item, help!

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Sorry to hear that! We’re only human, mistakes happen, but we’ll make it right. Shoot us an email at hello@madhuchocolate.com, and we can resend missing items to you at no further cost, or refund you for them.

Can I change the shipping address once my order ships?

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We can change shipping address with no extra charge before your order ships. Please email at hello@madhuchocolate.com with your request. Once your order is dropped off at the Fedex location then customer can ask Fedex to hold the shipment at the nearest Fedex location for free or Madhu chocolate can call Fedex to reroute the package, which incurs $20 surcharge per reroute to the customer.

Any incorrect shipping addresses which gets returned back to Madhu Chocolate will incur $25 surcharge to ship it back to the customer. This covers the charges we receive when the products are returned plus the cost to ship it the second time to the correct address.

How much does shipping costs?

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Domestic US Standard Shipping is $8.99 for all orders! We ship via 2-day Fedex Express or USPS Priority Mail during all the time of the year.

International Shipping to select Canada costs around $29.99. We ship via 2-day Fedex Economy during all the time of the year.

How long does shipping take?

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The shipping times listed are the time it takes an order to be delivered from the day it is shipped, not from the day it is ordered. Once it ships it takes 2-3 days to arrive at the shipping address.

International shipping is usually sent via Fedex, and can take 2-3 days to arrive. 

This order is a gift, can you leave out price info?

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We don't include invoices in our orders so you're all good!

Can I add a gift note?

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During checkout you can add a gift note to any order. Please keep the note content to 100 characters or less. You can also email to orders@madhuchocolate.com if you missed adding gift note while checking out.

Can I modify my order?

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Yes, just shoot us an email at hello@madhuchocolate.com and as long as the shipping label for the order has not been printed we can update the order :)

Can I cancel my order?

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As long as the shipping label for the order hasn't been printed, you can cancel an order.

Once the shipping label has already been printed, we cannot cancel an order.

My package was marked as delivered, but never showed up. What do I do?

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Usually, your package will show up within a few days to a week. Sometimes shipping carriers will mark packages as delivered a day or so before they actually are in order to meet quotas, so consider it a delivery window and keep an eye out for the delivery! Once the package has left our warehouse, the carrier is responsible for your package and delivery.

If it has not shown up after one business day of being marked delivered or your order is lost, please shoot us an email hello@madhuchocolate.com and we will work with you on this order! If your order is lost because you entered the wrong shipping address, however, you are responsible for covering the shipping costs of having it resent along with the costs of the products.

Chocolate Care & Questions

How should I store chocolate bars?

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Please do not store chocolate bars in the refrigerator. Store it in a cool, dry place with no direct sunlight on it like your pantry.

How should I store other chocolate products?

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Chocolate products like Pistachio Chocolate Spread, Hot Cocoa mixes should be kept in dry, cool place away from any direct sunlight

Are your products gluten free?

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All our products are gluten-free.

I see white marks on the chocolate. Is that mold?

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Thank you for asking! Chocolate does not like water at all so there is no chance of any mold growing on chocolate. The white streaks/marks which you see on the chocolate is the sign of chocolate melting and resolidyfing back to its form and pushing cocoa butter to the surface. That cocoa butter gives it those uneven beautiful white marks. That chocolate product is totally safe to consume.

Check out this article from BonAppetit Magazine: https://www.bonappetit.com/story/what-is-chocolate-bloom

Do you have vegan/dairy-free products?

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Yes, we do! Most of our products are vegan/dairy-Free. Use the filter in the shop to get the list of all our vegan/dairy-free products

My chocolate spread is a little grainy.

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Because we don't add any oils to our Chocolate spread, crystals can sometimes form. All you need to do is pop that jar in the microwave for 20 seconds, give the jar a stir and let them melt. You may need to repeat that process one or two more times until its totally smooth.

Where else can I find your products?

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Click this link and enter your zipcode to find where in your area our products are sold.

Wholesale Partnerships

Do you sell wholesale?

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We do sell our products wholesale. Check the next question and fill the form out and we will get back to you soon.

How can I be a wholesaler?

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Please contact us via this form with your interest and we will reach out to you ASAP!

Returns & Exchanges

Return Policy

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Returns will only be accepted in the event of damage upon delivery. In that case you will have up to 2 days from the date of receipt to email us a photo and explanation of the damage, at which time we will decide whether the damage warrants a replacement of the product(s). This does not include damage from packages being left unattended in warm weather. We cannot offer returns for errors in order placement or product dislike.

Exchange Policy

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As we deal with food item/s, unfortunately we cannot exchange it. If you are dissatisfied with your selected flavors, we encourage you to contact us at elliottc@madhuchocolate.com to help you select the best flavors for your taste.